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Top 10 Top 10 List Sites

Whenever I aimlessly browse the web, perhaps with Stumbleupon or Digg, I invariably stop at the Top 10 sites. These sites are full of articles extolling the numerous bests of a particular category, and they’re usually pretty irrelevant. I love them!

This idea is even popular in the old-tech TV World, with programs such as “100 Best Comedy Moments”, and “100 Scariest Horror Films” etc filling the schedules.

In an effort to spread the love a little, here are my personal Top 10 of the “Top 10s”. It’s worth exploring these sites – quick fire trivia hits for the internet generation.

They’s not always “10”. Sometimes there’s Top 6s or 5s – but you get the idea. It took me a long time to write this list, these sites are a procastinators paradise!

1. Cracked.Com

Posts from this site always seem to end up at the top of Digg, so that’s good enough for me. Expect to find posts about TV, Music, Technology, Popular Culture and Music. Some examples include “5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes”, “8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters”, “5 Scientific Experiments Most Likely To End The Earth” and more.

2. Mental Floss Magazine

This is more general purpose than Cracked and apart from the various top lists it also has  links rundowns, trivia, and games thrown in. A must bookmark site.

3. The List Universe

This site has no pretensions to be other than a list site. It also has much more useful lists, than those just for entertainment – such as 10 Ways To Save Money and articles in that vein. Still entertaining, but it seems more… worthy .

4. Liquid Generation

Expect tons of video content here. The site has original video pieces that usually show tv or movie moments, such as “Top 10 Racist Moments In Television”. It also includes quizes and other entertaining pieces. Another top list to top your bookmarks.

5. YouTube

Not your traditional Top 10 site, but the thing is full to the brim with Top 10 videos. The link above takes you to a search, and the time of writing you’ll find “Top 10 Dunks”, “Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts”, “Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters” on the front page. Dig deeper and you’ll find a whole lot more.

6. Ask Men

Ask Men has an extensive Top 10 section with many slideshow-based rundowns of various topics, such as Cars, Celebrities and Travel. Expect informative articles but in an humorous style.

7, Top Tenz

This is another Top Ten list site that takes all manner of bizarre subjects and gives them the top list treatment. With varied posts and some interesting content it deserves it’s place in this list. Highlights include “Top Ten Worst Batman Villains”, “Most Famous Preserved Body Parts” and much more.

8. Maxim

The website of the mens magazine. Each section has a “Lists” subcategory where you’ll find their Top 10s on subjects from Music, Movies, Gamings and of course (this is Maxim!) Girls. These are slideshow format, and are definately not in the serious category 🙂

9. Blender has many, many list articles at their site, mostly in the music category. Articles include “Top 13 Worst Hair Trends”, “16 Best Stuttering Songs”, “50 Worst Songs Ever” and more.

10. Double Viking

Double Viking’s “Bullet Points” are a smorgasbord of Top Lists in various categories, including such gems are “Most Spectacular Elevator Moments In Computer Games”, “13 Insane Brain Problems”, “8 Cheap Highs” and much more. It’s also worth looking into the “Real Men” section.

Other sites have Article, Features, or Top 10 Sections that a sub-section of their main site. Here’s a few  sites that didn’t quite make the main list, but you might enjoy:

OMG Lists

Games Radar – a lot of “Top 7s” but for gaming related subjects only.

Movie Trailer Talk
1 Up
College Humour

For the ultimate collection of popular Top 10’s try a Digg Search

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