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The Top 75 Spaceships in TV and Movies

75 Iconic Spacecraft

75 Iconic Spacecraft

Over at Den Of Geek Martin Anderson has written this great article.

Although Den Of Geek is a fanboys paradise, posting on everything and anything to do with Games, Comics, TV and Movies, especially if its SciFi and Fantasy, this article has raised the bar in the quality of the content.

You see, Martin hasn’t just posted pictures and quick reviews of these iconic starships. He’s included a lot of background material: from many interviews with the FX people, modellers, directors and designers to links to more resources, histories, and even models and CGI renderings of each ship.

This is the kind of content the web was made for. In many ways, it’s a waste to hide it at Den of Geek. It could easily be a standalone site in it’s own right or even a coffee table book. The writing and in depth details are that good . Quality like this deserves at least to bring in new readers to Den of Geek .

Go visit this collection now. You might not agree with the rankings, and you might spot a few omissions, but if you have even a cursory affinity with Science Fiction you’ll find it very interesting. Just be warned – it can be a marathon reading the whole lot in one go!

The Top 75 Spaceships in TV and Movies.