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The Last Oracle by James Rollinson

James Rollinson is another favourite author of mine. His books tend to cover the genres of techno thriller, adventure thriller, and conspiracy theory. A heady mixture!

Most of his books, apart from the first few, have covered the Sigma Force – his fictional team of soldiers cum scientists.

In “The Last Oracle” we have an adventure spanning the millenia from the original Oracle of Delphi right though to present day Russia.

The story starts when Cmdr Gray Pierce (whom fans will remember from previous novels) comes across a supposed tramp who collapses in his arms. He hands Gray a mysterious coin, and this sparks an international search and a race against time to save the world.

Eventually Gray finds himself in India, helping the Gypsies, uncovering secret government black-ops, and fighting Russians. While in Russia itself another important character is helping some very talented children race across a polluted nuclear landscape to stop a heinous plan to destroy the world and bring a new world order into power.

The book includes selective breeding, gene manipulation, bio-engineering, historical intrigue, extra sensory abilities, nuclear disaster, and more in spades. The best thing about Rollins is his well researched material, always based in fact.

This is a terrific read and a real page turner. There are many memorable scenes, including battles with genetically enhanced tigers, a fight in Sigma Force’s secret base beneath the Smithstonian Castle, and a race through a crowded Indian city. And at the end of his book, Rollins reveals the truth behind his creation – and if you’re like me you’ll be hitting Wikipedia to read about Lake Karachay, Pripyat, Project Stargate, The Jasons, and Autism 🙂

8.5 / 10 : Rollins is the King of the “Science Adventure”

P.S. If you’re not familiar with James Rollinson’s work but have read his novelisation of “India Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” (or maybe a read a review) please don’t let that cloud your judgement. His own creations are much, much better.