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person of interest

Person Of Interest

This is one of my current favourite TV series.  Developed by Jonathan Nolan (“Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan’s brother) it concerns a crime fighting duo who act on secret information to protect – or apprehend – the aforementioned person.

This information is provided by Harold Finch – the nom de plume of a secretive billionaire who developed a  suspiciously echelon-like system for the US government after 9-11. Finch,  played by Lost’s Michael Emerson, acts on the social security numbers of those people deemed to insignificant by the machine which is only concerned with the bigger picture of preventing  terrorism.

Aiding him is ex-CIA black operative John Reese played by Jim Calviezel. Again a man with a shadowy past but one who needed a mission like this.

What could have been a “crime of the week” show is elevated by the drip fed histories of Finch and Reese as well as some interesting recurring characters.  There’s also the very grey area of who’s a perp and who is a victim that makes for some interesting shows.

As well as Emerson lost’s J J Abrams serves as executive producer and sometimes it feels as if seeds are planted just to be figured later. But still,  conspiracies,  action,  moral dilemma,  technology. .. What’s not to love?

With Lost long gone,  Fringe likewise,  and some of the current crop of genre shows not quite filling the gap this is a refreshing change.  And as a bonus. .. I haven’t seen it from the start so I’m in catch up mode – the best way to avoid next-episode blues.

So Game Of Thrones and Person Of Interest , genre TV at its best .

PS this is typed on the Android WordPress app. Not the easiest way to post,  because of the keyboard,  but swiping type input helps. Phones are probably best left for Twitter level short posts !