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Person Of Interest

This is one of my current favourite TV series.  Developed by Jonathan Nolan (“Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan’s brother) it concerns a crime fighting duo who act on secret information to protect – or apprehend – the aforementioned person.

This information is provided by Harold Finch – the nom de plume of a secretive billionaire who developed a  suspiciously echelon-like system for the US government after 9-11. Finch,  played by Lost’s Michael Emerson, acts on the social security numbers of those people deemed to insignificant by the machine which is only concerned with the bigger picture of preventing  terrorism.

Aiding him is ex-CIA black operative John Reese played by Jim Calviezel. Again a man with a shadowy past but one who needed a mission like this.

What could have been a “crime of the week” show is elevated by the drip fed histories of Finch and Reese as well as some interesting recurring characters.  There’s also the very grey area of who’s a perp and who is a victim that makes for some interesting shows.

As well as Emerson lost’s J J Abrams serves as executive producer and sometimes it feels as if seeds are planted just to be figured later. But still,  conspiracies,  action,  moral dilemma,  technology. .. What’s not to love?

With Lost long gone,  Fringe likewise,  and some of the current crop of genre shows not quite filling the gap this is a refreshing change.  And as a bonus. .. I haven’t seen it from the start so I’m in catch up mode – the best way to avoid next-episode blues.

So Game Of Thrones and Person Of Interest , genre TV at its best .

PS this is typed on the Android WordPress app. Not the easiest way to post,  because of the keyboard,  but swiping type input helps. Phones are probably best left for Twitter level short posts !

Lost Season 5

After the travesty that was the latest – and probably last – season of Prison Break, and the messy but finally reinvigorated Heroes I was running out of hope for my favourite US TV Series.

New this year are Lost Season 5, 24 Season 7, and the continuation of CSI Season 9 (without Grissom…).

First up, we have Lost.

Lost has benefited massively from the fact that it has a set run of 6 seasons, so this is the penultimate – and it’s time to wrap up loose ends.

By now we have our Oceanic survivors either lost in time at the Island, or back in the “real world” experiencing side effects.

Since the hook of the series now seems to be about time travel (or perhaps dimensional in some way) earlier suppositions about our survivors being in purgatory or similiar can be thrown out of the window. But time travel itself always throws up it’s own problems whenever it’s been used as a plot hook. But it’s fun. All the way!

Currently, the story follows the two groups of the Oceanic survivors.

Firstly, on the Island, we have Sawyer and the gang jumping around in time. After Ben turned the mysterious wheel back at the end of Season 4 the Island has been moved – apparently in time. But it seems that its the people themselves that are moving in time throughout points in the Island’s history. An important character is the Oxford scientist Daniel Faraday, who seems to be the only one who knows what’s going on. Another is the new “leader of the Others” Locke, the one firm believer in the Island among the survivors. He’s already met the mysterious Richard Alpert at various moments in time, even telling him to find him at his birth which we saw in a previous episode.

This is getting confusing!

There are, as usual, set rules to avoid the paradoxes that time travel throws up. Daniel neatly explains that you can’t change the past or affect the future, as whatever you do will always end up with the same effect. But then he does precisely that (or does he?) by knocking on the old hatch door at the Swan where Desmond is still inside typing the numbers. He tells Desmond to find him and his mother back in Oxford when he escapes the Island, and then we flash forward (or switch to the present) where Desmond awakes with a new memory of meeting Daniel…

Did I say that it’s getting confusing? 🙂

So with our Island crew jumping around time having fun, what are the Oceanic 6 and Ben getting up to back in the real world?

Well… Ben knows he has to get everyone back to the Island. And Jack, initially lost in a drink and prescription pills haze, agrees. Ben has already worked with Sayid, sending him on murderous missions, but Sayid has vowed never to work with Ben again. And now Sayid has busted Hurley from the nut house, and they’re both on the run with a string of muders behind them. There’s a neat cameo from Ana Lucia too, as a cop who stops Hurley to give him advice while he’s on the run.

Kate has had a visit from lawyers asking for a DNA test to determine if she’s Aarons mother, so she’s also on the run, and Sun seems to be working with Charles Widmore… or is she? Whatever the reasons, they’re all heading for or already in LA. Including Desmond, who has discovered by now Daniel Faraday’s mother is there.

So what do we know so far? And what is unanswered?

1. Ben has to get the survivors back to the Island to save them, the Island, and possibly time and space itself. And he has to do it soon, according to Mrs. Hawking…

2. Locke has to help them, and already been told by Richard Alpert that he has to die to do so. Of course, we see him dead back in the real world, where Ben is taking his corpse along for the ride back to the Island with the survivors.

3. Daniel has Desmond as his counterpart in all this time-travel malarkey and is hoping that he finds his mother. Or perhaps he already knows he will. I expect in a future episode he must jump back to when the Wheel was discovered, as we’ve already seen it.

4. Charles Whidmore still wants the Island, and we now know he was there with the Others back in the 50’s. He might be working with Sun.

What we don’t know… Some of these are long standing questions.

1. Who or What is Jacob?

2. Who is Richard Alpert – and by extension, the Others?

3. What exactly were the Hanso Foundation up to on the Island before Ben and the Others wiped them out? We already saw Daniel was there at the start – how did he get there? What exactly is his role in all this?

4. How will it all end? There only seems to be two answers to that: Either they’ll all end up surviving the experience and end up back in the real world (perhaps, we’ll flash back way back to the initial plane ride – and it never crashes), or they’ll all end living on the Island along with the Others. I really hope there’s not a totally downbeat ending where they end up circling in time or they all die, though I expect at least a few major characters will.

This Season should finally answer all the questions. There are no more flashbacks, no more flash-forwards – the story seems to be following multiple timelines at once. We know everyone is connected throughtout their histories, far beyond simply being on the wrong plane at the wrong time.

How will it end? There’s a lot of speculation on the Web, but enjoy the ride!

NB: There’s also a Lost “actual reality” game across the web among various sites that fill in some of the plot holes and provide background information, with fake sites for the Hanso Foundation and the Valenzetti Equation among others. Check out the Lostpedia (link below) for a LOT of info on the Lost world.


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