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Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly is a “guilty pleasure” of mine. He’s a young Australian author who self-published his first novel before finding success.

His writing won’t win any awards and his plotting and characterisation are – to be kind – simplistic. But his books are fast paced, action packed, and if you’re like me you’ll pretty much find yourself reading them in just a sitting or two.

In Six Sacred Stones, Reilly continues the story that started in “Seven Ancient Secrets”. Jack West Jr, and his ragtag group of international scientific action heroes, find themselves racing against time to save the earth from the menace of the Dark Sun. To do this, they need to reawaken an ancient machine by finding six ancient artifacts, charging them before placing them in historical sites around the globe.

My one big gripe about this novel is that it became pretty apparent that Reilly was padding out the story to increase it’s length in a very unimaginitive way. And by the time I was 3/4 of the way through, it also became apparent that the story would not finish in this novel. Yep, there has to be sequel. Be forewarned – the novel is not structured in a way that a traditional two-novel would be, there’s no logical conclusion. It just… stops.

I’m not trying to be too hard on Reilly or too disparaging – after all, he’s a published author with a fan base, but Reillys stories are good for some brainless easy reading. And from time to time it’s nice to get caught up in an exciting story without having to think too much!