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Open Your Mind!

There are many great Science, and Popular Science books around – perhaps “A Brief History Of Time” by Stephen Hawking being #1.

Here’s a great list from Read Write Web that suggests some more, with many more possiblities mentioned in the comments:

Along with authors such as Richard Dawkins (“Gods Rottweiler” 🙂 )  these would make cool additions to your Amazon list.

And, if you want some more wackiness – try Robert Anton Wislon (RIP). Read the Illuminati! trilogy first for some really out-there SciFi, then try his “non fiction” books. They at least will make you see and think of the world a little differently, even if his ideas are a mixture of science, pseudo-science, and metaphysics. Start with the Cosmic Triggers and go from there fnord. Excerpts and mucho articles available from his homepage linked above.