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If You Like It So Much Why Don’t You Go Live There

That my friends is the actual URL of a very funny blog:

A.K.A. “spEak You’re bRanes” 🙂

The entire premise of that website is to poke fun at the people who post at the BBC’s ” Have Your Say “, which is the feedback section of the BBC News website.

In other words, it takes the mickey out of the ignorant and the disturbed who collectively (and worryingly) represent a cross-section of the Great British Public.

It’s probably not fair making fun of their beliefs, policitcal stance and their inability to type, but it is funny. Some of the posts I feel are probably trolls but if someone can claim that nuclear weapons don’t exist they deserve to be mocked.

Just look at the categories for a taste of what this site offers: Armchair Generals, Curtain Twitchers, Self-Appointed Sages and Unfocused Rage to name but a few…

To be fair the HYS section at the Beeb does have it fair share of intelligent and witty replies itself, but that’s not the reason this site exists.

It’s the replies to the original comments that make the site. I don’t know who writes it, but bravo! Made my day 🙂