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How Tiny We Are


I  suppose we all know how vast time and space is, and how insignificant our place in it seems.

But knowing and really comprehending are two different things, our minds struggle to accept infinity.

You might have seen the clock model of our time on earth for example, or how brief it’s been since ALL life has been on earth.

The simple animation at “Here Is Today” shows it as a bar graph, and “today” looks tiny even as a percentage of the year, let alone all time…

If you want to see how our tiny we are in space, as usual YouTube is full of stuff like…




So really all this is so vast it doesn’t matter to us, we’re the only ones who care. Barring the existence of other life within reach of us, or more unlikely, within the same time as us, there’s no external observer. So the only time that matters is your own, the reality your brain has made for you…

Or – let Brian Cox explain it all 😀