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Heroes Season 3 Ep01 and 02

So… Heroes is back!

And, I’m glad to say, it’s as brilliant as ever 🙂

Unlike, say, Prison Break Heroes has me hooked right from the start. After a sadly shortened second season due to the writers strike it seems the best has been kept until now.

Like Lost, Heroes has a continuing storyline constantly referencing events from the future and the past. In part, this new season – called “Villains” – continues the plots concerning Sylar, Mohinder, and the Petrellis, but it’s also a reboot of sorts, starting afresh. You don’t have to have seen the previous series to enjoy it.

Heroes has a rich mythology of modern “super heroes” and the shadowy concerns that help and hinder them. It’s also a commentary on human potential, of the power within each of us, and how the ordinary man can become extraordinary under the right circumstances.

Spoilers below. Highlight to view! (Ctrl+A)

This new series starts where the last finished. Who shot Nathan Petrelli? What happened to Nikki in the burning house? What becomes of Sylar? Some of these questions are answered in the first couple of episodes.

It turns out that Peter Petrelli, from the future, shot his brother to prevent events turning out as he experienced. His future is a time of persecution against the humans with extra abilities. Any series that uses Time Travel as a major plot device can become confusing and improbable, so I hope Heroes doesn’t follow this route too heavily – or at least does something new with it.

Sylar is still on the hunt for fresh powers. He eventually gets to Claire, and absorbs her power to regenerate – mentioning that she can never die in the process, and hinting towards something special in her particular power.

Hiro, at a loose end as the new boss of his fathers company, receives a DVD from his deceased parent. He learns of a secret formula that must be guarded at all costs in a humorous scene where his father instructs him “never to open the safe”. Unfortunately, he loses the formula immediately to a new character who can travel at the speed of sound / light. He also learns his best friend Ando betrays him in the future, and that Ando himself has, or gains, super powers.

And Mohinder isolates the genetic secret behind the Heroes power – and injects himself. He enjoys his new found super strength and vitality at first, but in episode 2 we see some unexpected side effects.

Then there’s the fact that some super villains who were locked up on Level 5 of the containment facility have escaped – Peter Petrelli (trapped in the image of another) among them. And Nathan Petrelli appears to have been saved by Linderman – excent no-one else can see him, and Nikki also appears to be someone else…

This is shaping up to an excellent series with plenty or surprises, twists and turns in store 🙂