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Welcome to the Blog. (originally is one of my first sites, created way back when I was learning basic HTML and had access to the web (via dialup).

Originally it held details of my motorbikes, some information on the then new Napster and it’s alternatives (at the start of the filesharing `boom`), and lots of information on making money via the web.

Since then my online process became focused on this latter area, and it’s evolved into my main site Netpreneur Now.

Now Essjayar.Com is wordpress-based. I’m becoming a big fan of this powerful, easy to learn, and simple to use platform.

This blog will be more about my other interests, mainly reviews and links of my favourite books, movies, games and websites. It’s somewhere to record my thoughts.

Add me to your bookmarks and feed reader. Once the content starts flowing, this will be an interesting place to visit.

See you soon!

P.S. The original, messy, HTML based site is still up there – you can hit the homepage here