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Google Zeitgeist 2008 Published

Google’s annual year-end Zeitgeist has been published and it provides an interesting snapshot of what people have searched for over the past year. In a wider context, it’s also an indication of general matters of interest throughout the world. You can even get country-specific lists.

Most of the searches, to be honest, are pretty self explanatory. Sites such as Facebook rank top as a search, because people tend to just type “facebook” into their search bar or address bar, then click the link that appears in the listings rather than type “” directly. But at least this way Google can track it 🙂

The interesting lists though are the specific ones. Martinis, Mojitos and Margaritas are the top cocktails, for example. And American Idol, Lost, and SNL are the top shows. Man Utd, Chelsea, and Chivi (?) were the top “soccer” teams, and in the UK Facebook, Iplayer and BBC were the top.

Nothing surprising then, really, but it does at least show the most popular are now very well entrenched.