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Free Games With Gametap

Gametap – a Turner Company – is a games membership site where the customer can choose between free or paid options.

What’s interesting about this site is the broad array of games even in the free membership.

Gametag offers a mix of emulated classics from the arcades and consoles as well as classic PC gaming fare. This emulation is in itself very well designed, and some titles you can even play multiplayer! The system has a lobby for these multiplayer games so you can find people to play against. You can play challenge , or co-op with players.

For example, play the Sega Genesis version of Streetfighter 2 – against a remote, human opponent 🙂

Gametap also has some episodic games, some of which are unique to the site such as American McGee’s Grimm. Unfortunately, while a unique concept with interesting art design the first episode at least is an average playing experience.

To round the site off, you can even save playlists of games (and access others) as well as

Here’s some of the old school titles on Gametap:

1943 (multiplayer)
New Zealand Story

All 100% authentically emulated.

And the retail PC titles?

Hitman 1 and 2
Deus Ex (recommended, highly rated)
Tomb Raider Legend
Colin McRae Rally 2005

And the console titles? A wide array of Sega and NeoGeo titles – take a look at these…

Cannon Fodder
Sensible Soccer
Metal Slug 1 + 2
Art Of Fighting
Fatal Fury
Final Fight
King Of Fighters
Mega Man
Samurai Showdown
and… Psychonauts!

If you’re a figher / beat ’em up fan you’re well catered for 🙂

Every game I’ve listed above is in the free subscription, and even this is just scratching the surface. If you want to go gold you’ll get access to many premium games including all the Zorks, Tomb Raiders, Sam and Max’s, and Hitman: Blood Money. In fact, over 900 titles.

To round things off Gametap even runs tournaments and other events daily.

Join Gametap here