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David Eddings, R.I.P

David Eddings, one of the fathers of modern “door stopper” Fantasy, has passed away aged 77. His stories were some of the first fantasy series I really loved, published through the 80s and 90s such as the Belgariad, the Malloreon, the Elenium, etc.

Many of his novels were co-written with his wife Leigh, and she was credited directly as such on his latest books.

While Eddings books were unashamedly commercial Fantasy you couldn’t help but get caught up in his worlds while reading them. While some would sniff at his contributions to the genre they did give pleasure to his fans and top the bestseller lists – and who can argue with that?

Eddings joins other (relatively) recently departed icons such as Robert Jordan and David Gemmel. If there’s another world out there, I’d like to think they’re all sitting around a camp fire somewhere – still telling stories.

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If you’ve never read Eddings work his fantasy output is in two main series. The first, comprising of the Belgariad and then the Malloreon are both 5 novel series about the sorceror Belgarath, his daughter Polgara and grandson Garian. The novels are heavy on magic and Gods, but it’s Eddings cast of characters that really bring the mythos to life.

Eddings other main series is the Elenium and the Tamuli – both trilogies. These detail the adventures of the exiled knight Sparhawk. Although distinctly Eddings, the feel of these books are a lot different, sometimes darker, but still exciting.

Eddings also wrote a few prequels to his first series and a four-novel series called The Dreamers which I am not familiar with.

There is a comprehensive guide to Eddings and summaries of all his works at Wikipedia .

And of course you can see all his books, read reviews, and discuss his work over at the Amazon David Eddings section.