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Current Book, Movie, TV and Tech Favorites…

New year, new post.

I’ve just re-uploaded this site (and others) and apart from some dead links, sites that no longer exist, and the ever advancing pace of technology making almost everything obsolete – it kinda works.

So let’s recap on a few new obsessions  interests. If I keep up any kind of enthusiasm I’ll write in more detail in the future.


In among the piles of reality shows, repeats, and knock-offs it seems that quality television is here to stay.

Homeland – joint British/US spy caper based on an Israeli original. Can be slow at times, but I’m ready for season 3.

Dexter – The original “cop (kinda) as a serial killer” hook is long tired, but each season has delivered the goods.

Fringe – I’ve found this last season a little too distracting, it was better with the peril-of-the-week, but still great because of John Bishop.

Breaking Bad – Malcom in the Middle’s dad as a meth cook? Each season has been bigger, badder, and better – bitches.

Warehouse 13 – Another of SyFy’s homegrown efforts and one of their better ones. One more season to come!

Eureka – or, in the UK, a “Town called Eureka” – the atmosphere is similar to Warehouse (comedy/drama). SyFy’s other hit.

Touch – this is where Kiefer went after 24 and Heroes Tim Kring absolved himself.

The Walking Dead – I’m still stuck in season 2 trying to plough through but I’m reliably told the next is much, much better. Started well.




Since I saw the news about Jack Reacher I delved into Lee Child’s novels, and , erm, read the whole lot in a couple of months. I’m finding these are the kind of pick up and go books you don’t need to put aside a whole lot of time for (Mills and Boon for blokes? 🙂 ) but all in all well written, exciting, quick to read. These are like watching an action movie. Interestingly, Child (a brit) writes of the idealised America we already know from movies.

Same goes for James Patterson. Now a franchise more than an author his Alex Cross books, Private, Michael Bennet, NYPD Red, and the odd standalone, are again quick reads with familiar formats. Some might criticize the way he churns out his books, but for pure entertainment you won’t go far wrong.

I’ve already said I’m a big fan of Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse but I also found the first two “Pathfinder” books excellent, and I started the interesting “Alvin Maker” series. Peter F. Hamiltons Commonwealth and Void sagas are also highly recommended, big tomes, but really didn’t feel like it.

Brett Easton Ellis – famous for American Psycho – probably holds the crown for disillusioned nihilistic youth characters, I saw “Less than Zero” and American Psycho as films, and read Glamorama – excellent. Imperial Bedrooms is next on the list.

Read David Wongs follow up to John Dies at The End called “This Book Is Full Of Spiders”. More of the same I guess. And that’s not a criticism.

It’s always interesting reading the life stories of the rich and famous. Especially when they have a story. So Nikki Sixx’s “Heroin Diaries”, Steven Adler “My Appetite For Destruction: Sex, Drugs and Guns N Roses” (80s rock excess both, got Duff McKagans book next). Howard Mark’s “Senor Nice” (he hails down the road from me, so a local connection), iWoz – Steve Wozniak, Keith Richards “Life”, Frankie Boyles “My Shit Life So Far” (unfinished, I’m finding him has hardcore in his autobiography as he is on stage), and Kevin Mitnick’s “Ghost In The Wires” (currently reading) as well as   “We Are Anonymous” about Lulzsec, Anonymous and the rest – more a kind of sensationalist look at some hacker types and the whole 4chan bunch.

Really, really, like Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series, plus his Frankenstein books. Top quality.

Currently starting the Harry Bosch novels. I like long series. They make it easy to find the thing to read 🙂

… and to make things easier, I read them on Android Tablet these days too…




Rec 2 and Rec 3 – the spanish “found footage” series, which I enjoyed. I saw the Rec 3 had some mixed reviews, but ignore them.

Seven Psychopaths – I saw this because of the “In Bruges” link but it’s nowhere near as good. Nice to see Christopher Walken can still go through the motions though.

Argo – I enjoyed this but I’m not sure it deserves all the awards recognition it’s getting. The whole CIA-make-a-scifi-movie is really secondary to main story.

John Dies At The End – this has cult hit written all over it, cult director, cult book. It’s pretty good too.

Rock of Ages – Call me naive but I didn’t realize it was a musical. Still enjoyed it though.

The Cabin In The Woods – just watch it. One of the best “genre” films I’ve seen recently.


That’ll do for now. Just getting a first post out the way so it isn’t all 2 years old here!