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The Web is 25 Years Old


Tim Berners-Lee’s “Information Management: A Proposal” was written in March 1989 and it launched what we now think of as the World Wide Web , a hyperlinked document system providing a much more user friendly experience than previous internet technologies.


Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportun...

Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web – Opportunity, Challenge, Responsibility (Photo credit: Anna L. Schiller)

The web is now incorporated pretty tightly into our daily lives. We use it for entertainment in all it’s forms such as gaming, watching video, reading, and listening. We use it for shopping, allowing us unparalleled access to massive catalogs of goods and a way to find the best prices possible. We use it to simplify our lives, to keep in contact with people, and as a source of all knowledge. It’s still evolving, and the scale of the content out there is pretty mind boggling – even if sometimes its incorrect, or even shared without our knowledge. Never have we been so eager to reveal so much about ourselves!


Congratulations Sir Tim, the original ethos of a free web still stands even if it has had to shrug off a few blows. Where would we be without our Wikipedia, Ebay, Facebook and Google? The future is going to be even more exciting with semantic web technologies making use of the torrent of data – what will it be like when it hits 50…?





See this site via “Geocities Emulator”!

Long time net users will remember Geocities. What started out as a way for the masses to create their own free websites soon descended into an anarchic mismatch of garish colors, midi music, animated gifs and worse.

It may be unfair to look on Geocities so badly. After all, pre-facebook and social networks in general this was one of the only ways to easily make a website, or even to show your photographs to the world. Geocities along with many others of its ilk soon fell into disuse as “proper” hosting became available, but it is still fun to look back on the wild earlier days of the web.

See this site as it would look on Geocities 🙂

Yes, I did have a Geocities site at one point. And I did go through the entire roster of hand-coded HTML 1.0 and free advertising-supported hosting.

To see any other site in Comic Sans with dancing babies, simply append any web address to the end of the URL when you click that link above.

Note: There is a Geocities archive , lovingly saved by crawling the entire Geocities site as it was closed down. You might find more at and the Wayback machine.

$000,000,000’s Visualised

Billion Dollar Gram

From the amazing site ” Information Is Beautiful ” comes this visualisation of how billions of dollars are spent around the world, in relative terms.

You can instantly see, for example, that at first glance the cost of the Iraq War seems to dwarf all others, until you look further down and see the “worst case” total cost of the world financial meltdown.

$000,000,000 costs in relative terms

(The US 9-zero for billion costs seems to have become the norm, whereas in the UK it makes more sense to me be a “thousand million” with a million million being a billion, i.e. 12 zeros. Guess the US won out on that one!)

Other interesting info-graphics from Information Is Beautiful include:

There are other websites on the net with some very thought provoking visualisations and info-graphics including Mark Easton’s blog at BBC News, Infosthetics , The Guardian Datablog’s Flickr Group , Wall Stats , Cool Infographics and there’s more listed in this article at Smashing Magazine .

You could even make your own using widgets from the Google Visulisation project!

Pi = Pie

Just seen this on Digg

3.14 = Pie

3.14 = Pie

Is it sad that I find this cool? 🙂