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Android Phone Revealed

So, the first Google Android based phone has been shown. Here in the UK it will be offered by T-Mobile and is a HTC/Google model.

Looking at this video I must say I’m a little underwhelmed. It doesn’t seem to do anything special at all, and it doesn’t have the wow-factor of the iPhone. The only interesting part seems to the developer network that Google is fostering. I’m not sure we need another phone OS, I’m happy with Windows Mobile and Symbian is fine, too.

Although I must say T-Mobile is a good choice here. I used to use a HTC TyTnII (T-Mobile Vario 2 branded) with it’s touchscreen, windows mobile, and slide-out keyboard. On T-Mobile all web access was free, and the phone did everything I wanted to: Telephony, Texting, Camera, Internet (3G and WiFi). And the best part was a wealth of software – Games, Audio, Graphics, Emulation… which was cool 🙂

Now I have a HTC Touch Dual, and I hate it 🙁 It’s a slimmer, better, model than the TyTn, but I miss the keyboard and WiFI (even though it has HDPSA), and the Orange network it is on sucks, big time.  They charge a fortune for web access though it’s free in the rather useless 7pm – 7am period.

No more 18 month contracts for me – even though I did get a laptop thrown in. Todays PDA based phone has more power than my first computers but I don’t want to be tied to a monthly charge.