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Alan Moore on the Watchmen Movie

So, Alan Moore is still not happy about the new Watchmen movie?

That is no surprise. The author / warlock / northampton resident  is well known for his views on comic-book adaptions, and the movie industry in general. Of course he has a right to this view. This is after all his story, and his characters.

Personally, I love comic book films. I enjoyed Constantine, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta whether or not they stay true to the comics (or graphic novels, if you prefer that term). They’re just another way to tell the same (or similar) story.

And I also love Moore. He’s witty, well read, and ever so slightly bonkers 🙂

I’m looking forward to the Watchmen movie. And yes, I do own and have read the book. You won’t get the multi-layered story and the wealth of allusion and visual clues in the movie but you’re almost certain to get an intelligent, rip-roaring adventure. It’s helmed by Zak Snyder (of `300` fame) so I’d be very dissapointed if it wasn’t.

Watchmen is often selected to represent how powerful the comic book format can be – it was famously selected as one of Times 100 Best Books. So do yourself a favour, grab a copy and familiarise yourself with The Comedian, Nite Owl and the rest before the movie hits these shores.

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