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June, 2011:

Hi … Again :-)

Been a long time folks, almost a year? Yet I still payed the hosting and the domains, convincing myself I’ll be back sometime.

Well here I am, for now. And a lot can change in a year.

My first step is to upgrade this blog, if it’s even possible (wow, WP is at 3.1.3? lol). Then I guess I’ll just keep posting whatever I find interesting.

I’d also like to fix the annoying index.php links problem. Since this blog is actually hosted by sharing the same account as my blog, I’ve had a lot of problems with setting up WordPress’s “auto-magic-friendly” links. Perhaps the update will help. We’ll see.

I’ve also been a little worried about hackers – either entering via this blog, or by any other site hosted on this account. That means an unenviable look into all the logs 🙁

Anyway, for the future, I’d like to add some tutorials on Linux, on Privacy, Encryption, Android Apps and Phones, and much more. For example, look at the latest Ubuntu – it’s a pretty thing with a new look. And privacy is more and more important in this world where the government would like nothing more than an Internet it had full control of. It goes far beyond the two-tier (or multi-tier) net idea… So – look for tutorials on PGP/GPG (super-safe encryption, and how to use it easily and almost automatically). Safe e-mail accounts, how to browse safely without leaving tracks (far more then just running in “incognito” mode!) or even having your entire OS – Windows/Linux/Whatever on a USB stick or even a SD card, and boot instantly into an encrypted, protected, web-capable environment…

That’s after I learn how to lock down my own sites of course!

Feel free to add comments. It’s all that keeps the lonely blogger going, and the original key themes of this blog – SciFi  and Fantasy (and by extension horror etc) movies and books – as well as interesting sites, images and more, will continue.

Update to WP 3 about to start… if you see another post after this, you know it worked!

Whatever your reason, thanks for the visit, and pop along again some time. Seeya!

PS: I’ll be researching myself, but any wordpress experts out there… that plea for help on securing the blog, fixing the index.php magic-link (if it remains), and general tips and tricks are welcome. Feel free to plug your own articles or sites if they cover this. As always, I can be contacted via the links over there –>