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April, 2010:

See this site via “Geocities Emulator”!

Long time net users will remember Geocities. What started out as a way for the masses to create their own free websites soon descended into an anarchic mismatch of garish colors, midi music, animated gifs and worse.

It may be unfair to look on Geocities so badly. After all, pre-facebook and social networks in general this was one of the only ways to easily make a website, or even to show your photographs to the world. Geocities along with many others of its ilk soon fell into disuse as “proper” hosting became available, but it is still fun to look back on the wild earlier days of the web.

See this site as it would look on Geocities 🙂

Yes, I did have a Geocities site at one point. And I did go through the entire roster of hand-coded HTML 1.0 and free advertising-supported hosting.

To see any other site in Comic Sans with dancing babies, simply append any web address to the end of the URL when you click that link above.

Note: There is a Geocities archive , lovingly saved by crawling the entire Geocities site as it was closed down. You might find more at and the Wayback machine.