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20 Greatest Spectrum Games

MSN UK has a list of what they say are the 20 greatest Sinclair Spectrum games of all time.

The Spectrum, the most popular of the 8-bit era of computing, had a massive array of titles, with almost no quality control. There were outstanding classics alongside pure dross.

For more on the Spectrum you can read the outline below – pasted direct from the original version of this site 🙂

There are some strange choices – but Jet Set Willy and Head Over Heels, for example, deserve their places.

MSN 20 Greatest Spectrum Games Of All Time

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

This might be one of the most emulated computers out there. The sinclair had a VAST software library and programmers managed to squeeze astounding feats out of the little rubber-keyed 48K 3.5mhz 8-colour machine. The Spectrum was also my first ever computer. In the UK at least it was incredibly popular. You either had a CBM 64 or a Speccy! In the 80’s this was the machine to have, even though it cost £175 when released!

The Spectrum was an evolution of the ZX80 and ZX81 machines. It was released in 16k, 48k and eventually 128k formats. When Sinclair sold out to Amstrad after the C5 fiasco more machines were released (the +2 and the +3) but by then the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga were making inroads.

The Spectrum, even with its humble specs, has everything you could want available for it. In its heyday the magazine racks were filled with Spectrum titles and the software shelves the same. Much of it is now freely distributable. Amstrads e-mailer phone even plays Spectrum games to this day! Some companies, notably Ultimate Play The Game (now the top developer Rare) request that their back catalogue are not released.

The Spectrum really kick started the home computer market in this country and deserves it place in history. Many of todays PC users and hobbyist programmers started out here. It is easy to get lost in nostalgia remembering this humble machine and community that sprung up around it. For more information on the Speccy visit Planet Sinclair or this page .

There are many, many, emulators available for the Spectrum. They are now near perfect. There are Java emulators for your browser and emualators coded to run on every machine under the sun. The Spectrum is probably the most emulated machine you can find! For things to use with it look for either snapshot files or tape-image files.

HOB Java Emulator – Play perfectly emulated games right in your browser!

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