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$000,000,000’s Visualised

Billion Dollar Gram

From the amazing site ” Information Is Beautiful ” comes this visualisation of how billions of dollars are spent around the world, in relative terms.

You can instantly see, for example, that at first glance the cost of the Iraq War seems to dwarf all others, until you look further down and see the “worst case” total cost of the world financial meltdown.

$000,000,000 costs in relative terms

(The US 9-zero for billion costs seems to have become the norm, whereas in the UK it makes more sense to me be a “thousand million” with a million million being a billion, i.e. 12 zeros. Guess the US won out on that one!)

Other interesting info-graphics from Information Is Beautiful include:

There are other websites on the net with some very thought provoking visualisations and info-graphics including Mark Easton’s blog at BBC News, Infosthetics , The Guardian Datablog’s Flickr Group , Wall Stats , Cool Infographics and there’s more listed in this article at Smashing Magazine .

You could even make your own using widgets from the Google Visulisation project!